🔴New release: Various Artists – Music Inspired on Video Games. // listen-free download it💽

#rock #psychedelic #epic #jazz #illuminati

With this track from my favorite game Street Fighter, I’m collaborating on this new video game-inspired music release. You can listen and download here. My track is number 13 : THE HOLY GRAIL OF STREET FIGHTER

The theme is from the stage of Gill, leader of the Illuminati corporation and self-proclaimed Savior of the world

👉🏻Cian Orbe Netlabel

Each track composed by each artist. LINKS:
– Kito Vallance: https://soundcloud.com/kito_vallance
– Humanfobia: https://humanfobia-official.bandcamp.com/
– æ­».rar: https://compresseddeath.bandcamp.com/
– Camoflex: https://soundcloud.com/camoflex
– Glacius: https://soundcloud.com/glaciusold
– Master Beats: https://soundcloud.com/master-beats
– Alienated Entity: https://alienatedentity.bandcamp.com/
– Blix Six: https://soundcloud.com/blixsix-1
– Dungeore: https://dungeore.bandcamp.com/
– Foul Duke: https://soundcloud.com/foulduke
– Julius Granell: https://juliusgranell1.bandcamp.com/
– Lord Cernunnos: https://lordcernunnos.bandcamp.com/
– Joe Tamma: https://soundcloud.com/tamma-f
– Vrianch: http://vrianch.droppages.com/
– Pillars of Golden Misery: https://pillarsofgoldenmisery.bandcamp.com/
– Mystified: https://mystified.bandcamp.com/
– Lezet: http://lezet.blogspot.com/
– Decaying Muse Complex: https://decayingmusecomplex.bandcamp.com/
– Filmy Ghost: https://humanfobia.jimdofree.com/filmy-ghost/
– M.NOMIZED: https://mnomized.bandcamp.com/
– Mean Flow: https://meanflow.bandcamp.com/
– {AN} EeL: https://panpanpanaviandistresscall.bandcamp.com
– Yann Pillas: https://camembertelectrique.bandcamp.com
– Yaka-anima: https://humanfobia.jimdofree.com/yaka-anima/
– Revolution Peak: https://revolutionpeak.bandcamp.com
– El Toro: https://soundcloud.com/el-toro-36
– Lärmschutz: https://larmschutz.bandcamp.com/
– m4rys4d: https://soundcloud.com/m4rys4d
– Tone Tone: https://cianorbe2nd.bandcamp.com/album/poem-cior-338
– DJ Puffin: http://soundcloud.com/dj-puffin
– Samsonation: https://soundcloud.com/dylan-samson
– DMC96: https://soundcloud.com/dmc96/tracks
– Davi Winchester: https://soundcloud.com/davi-winchester
– James Hoehl: https://jameshoehl.bandcamp.com/
– musicmaniac1965: https://soundcloud.com/musicmaniac1965
– PPFPESSco: https://bandcamp.com/search?q=PPFPESSco
– Alpha13Wolf: https://soundcloud.com/alpha13wolf
– Chaos Summoner: https://soundcloud.com/chaos-summoner
– Akihiko Ryusuke: https://soundcloud.com/akihiko-ryusuke
– Chilliestpoet: https://soundcloud.com/chilliestpoet
– Subtonic: https://soundcloud.com/subtonic/
– Teister: https://soundcloud.com/teister
– AFALFL: https://linktr.ee/a_f_alfla
– UTAU Reneko x Leneko: https://soundcloud.com/utau_renekoxleneko
– AKITA SOUND TEAM 秋田音: https://soundcloud.com/akitaarchive/tracks
– robots914: https://soundcloud.com/robots914
– TM-50: https://soundcloud.com/tm-50
– TrustPiano: https://soundcloud.com/trustpianosound
– Unknown User: https://soundcloud.com/use-3301
– SilkyB: https://soundcloud.com/silkyb
– primcron 100: https://soundcloud.com/primcron-100
– Dariusz Jackowski: https://dariuszjackowski.bandcamp.com/
– Origami Repetika: https://soundcloud.com/orrep

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